Invisible Creatures

An At-Home Creative Experience in a Box

Children adopt an Invisible Magical Creature and learn to take care of it, following creative instructions & challenges in a printed handbook, text messages and on a secret website.

Children aged between 5 and 10, meet this project either through a live performance (that takes the form of a Pop-Up Invisible Creature Adoption Agency) or remotely (by letter and text message/video call).  Each child takes part in the project together with their “Adult Assistant” who joins in the magic & sends messages to The Society on their behalf.  

Originally conceived for 100 vulnerable children (and families) in lockdown and delivered to their doorsteps, the project expanded into a live Adoption Agency where children took part in a participatory performance and then took their Invisible Creature home.  We have recently started working with a play therapist and exploring the project in a theraputic context.

Making Process

Phase One 2020-21: We’ve had a heart-bursting response to our prototype.  Children have created the very creatures they needed during these unprecedented times.  Following the completion of the project, we’ve heard that many Invisible Creatures are still around and important to their children today: “they play with me in the playground when I don’t have anyone to play with” (girl age 8) “I talk to my creature when I’m angry and he calms me down”. (boy, age 7). 

Phase Two 2022-23: We want to GROW our project, from something niche for the select funded few, into something global. We see it in hospitals, for asylum seekers, in different languages . . . we want to send boxes to thousands of children. But to do this we need to create a bespoke tech solution - most likely an app.  We are currently looking for funders and partnerships to launch phase two. Email us if you’d like to support this.

Creative Team

Concept and Direction: Lucy Cassidy
Critical Friend: Sarah Warden
Graphic Design and Illustration: Martha Lightfoot
Web Design and User Experience: Hannah Jackson
Co-Produced by: Aurora and Bath Cultural Education Partnership (the egg, Theatre Royal Bath, The Holburne, Bath Spa University, Mentoring Plus and Bath Festivals) Support in Kind Rocket Makers

“Well it’s completely amazing isn’t it, she absolutely loved it, every child should have one” (Mum)